Commercial Painting

Whether you are a retail establishment, office, school, apartment, condo or industrial location we understand that minimizing disruption is critical. During business hours we isolate work areas to protect employees, customers and property from dust and paint. In addition, to minimize airborne particulates we use  the latest in professional grade HEPA dustless technology. When necessary we can work off-hours when you are closed. We use low and no VOC products depending on your space and your needs.

Quality Craftsmanship


As a first step our professional painters assess the condition of your interior walls and trim to look for problem areas and determine the correct preparation. This may include sanding, filling cracks and holes or light repairs.  Where needed we apply a premium primer to ensure a perfect bond for the paint. On exterior surfaces the preparation will depend on the building material – whether it be wood, metal, fiberglass, composite, PVC,  brick, stucco, cement or other material. Our professional preparation ensures that the paint goes on correctly and stays on.


Property: Before painting starts we place drop cloths to protect your furniture, fixtures, wall hangings, carpet, equipment and other areas from paint chips and splatters. Hinges, fixtures and outlets are taped. When sanding we use the Festool HEPA Dust Extraction system, the latest in professional grade dustless technology. Steps are always taken to isolate painting from occupied spaces to minimize disruption and enhance safety.

Preparation: In older buildings we always test for lead if there will be any scraping or sanding. We patch holes, repair cracks and caulk to help restore walls and trim. Where needed we will prime to improve adhesion.

Painting: Once the surface is ready, we apply a premium paint to enhance and beautify your building. Depending on the occupancy of the space or if painting will be during work hours we can recommend low or no VOC paints.


Protection:  Liability protection and compliance with local ordinances are of utmost importance in any commercial situation so we carry extensive insurance and will assist with permitting when required. The safety of your property is an overriding priority so we use drop cloths to protect exterior grounds, furniture and fixtures from paint chips and splatters. We also believe in a safe work environment for occupants and our crews so follow strict procedures to ensure a safe job site.

Preparation: In older buildings the first step is to test for lead in your exterior paint. Preparation will be based on the exterior building materials but the goal is always superior preparation to ensure that the paint goes on correctly and stays on.

Apply: Based on the condition of the paint and other factors we will apply the appropriate primer prior to the topcoat to improve adhesion and give you long-lasting results.