Residential Home Painting

Professionalism: Our crews are professional full time painters – no part timers – with years of experience. We use the right techniques, the right products and only top tier brands to give you  a superior paint job that carries a full 2-year warranty.

On time: We arrive when we say we will and complete your project as quickly as possible. We will be in daily contact to discuss progress and estimated completion.

Safety: Our process is designed to protect your family, home and property at all times.

Quality Craftsmanship


Before the job begins our professional painters look for  problem areas and determine the correct preparation. This includes scraping, sanding, or power-washing then caulking and spackling, to ensure that the paint goes on correctly and stays on. If there are issues with dry rot, we can handle light carpentry to make repairs. From there we apply a premium primer to ensure a perfect bond for the paint.


Protection: The safety of your property and belongings are of utmost importance. We use drop cloths to protect your plants, outdoor furniture and other areas from paint chips and splatters. We also believe in a safe work environment for your family and our crews so follow procedures that ensure a safe job site.

Preparation: In older homes the first step is to test for lead in your exterior paint. If there are no issues scraping and sanding are the second steps in exterior preparation. Sometimes we will start or follow with a power wash depending on the situation. We then caulk gaps to ensure a water tight exterior so moisture does not get behind the siding or into your home.

Apply: Based on the condition of the paint, amount of bare wood and other factors we will apply the appropriate primer prior to the topcoat to improve adhesion and give you long-lasting results.


Property: Before painting starts we place drop cloths to protect your plants, furniture, wall hangings and other areas from paint chips and splatters. Hinges fixtures and outlets are taped. Noise and disruption to your home are kept to an absolute minimum.

Preparation: In older homes we always test for lead if there will be any scraping or sanding. When sanding we use the Festool HEPA Dust Extraction system, the latest in professional grade dustless technology.

We patch holes, repair cracks and caulk molding to help restore walls and trim. Where needed we will prime to improve adhesion.

Painting: Once the surface is ready, we apply a premium paint to enhance and beautify your home.

Cabinet Painting

We paint all types and sizes of cabinets, ranging from kitchens, to built-ins, to free-standing cabinetry. We can transform your bathrooms, kitchen and other living spaces – quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing cabinets.  Meticulous preparation ensures paint adhesion while standardized surface protection and dust containment measures mean no mess and minimal disruption. We will work with you to select any color, or color-match to whatever you’d like.